Hotel Linen Rental

Ralph Street Laundry has the most client friendly Linen Rental Programs on the market.

Our Linen Rental Programs are designed specifically for the hotel and hospitality industry so we understand your business well and can best cater for unique requirements.

Every establishment has different needs. We take the time to consult and find out your specific requirements and then work to design a program to meet your supply needs in the most economical way.

Rental linen stock can be general pooled or exclusively allocated to your establishment alone (subject to volume). Our Linen Branding Program can brand your linen with your company’s logo to guarantee exclusivity and add that touch of professionalism. We provide roll on and roll off trolleys to help with WH&S and better manage your inventory at your establishment and can guarantee emergency supply in periods of high demand.

All assets from doona covers to face washers are tracked across their lifecycle as they go through collection, cleaning, sorting and delivery cycles. The accuracy of our computerised batch counting means you can feel safe in the knowledge that you won’t be put in a position of short supply. Service will be based on a weekly ordering system, with the option of increasing or decreasing stock levels with reasonable notice to Ralph Street Laundry.

Linen Rental Programs from Ralph St Laundry provide many advantages from a management perspective. It eliminates the need for upfront cash outlays in stock, removes the need for stocktakes, eradicates the hassle of linen replacement as well as the time, effort and indirect cost associated with managing linen.

Below is a list of linen we hold for rentals:

Bed Linen

  • Bed Sheets
  • Top Sheets
  • Duvet Covers
  • Pillowcases

Bath Linen

  • Bath Towels
  • Hand Towels
  • Bath Mats
  • Face Washers

Table  Linen

  • Serviettes
  • Table Cloths
  • Trestle Cloths
  • Tea Towels


What Sets Us Apart


When it comes to delivery, our fleet of vehicles is owned and operated by us, no contracted services. We have complete control over our distribution. Our trucks are fitted with a GPS tracking device which is monitored from our Alexandria plant. At any point in time the exact location of your linen is known to us. In cases where delivery is a matter of extreme urgency, we have the quick responsiveness to redirect our resources where they are needed most … and the best thing is no additional charges are placed on our customers! This is a service we are happy to provide.


We have our finger on the pulse at all times from touch screen work tracking to a complete integrated workflow software solution. With our impressive washing capacity our internal systems significantly reduce error and keep production running smoothly at all times.


An upgrade has established us as one of Australia’s most automated commercial laundries. With less human contact on your linen the risk of microbial cross contamination is radically minimised. Our fully automated clean rail ironing system (the first in NSW) is operated with state of the art controls. Each clip is installed with individual RFID chips so that linen is identified individually and ironed at the right temperature, speed and pressure. Our ironer is fitted with infra-red scanners – each and every piece of linen is scanned for stains and tears and sorted according to its condition.